Arena Services and Products has been working with ice arenas for
over 15 years. During this time, we have had the pleasure of helping
hundreds of rinks throughout the United States and Canada.   It is our
commitment to provide the customer the best value for every dollar spent.

Arena Services and Products has developed new products for ice rinks,
including what we believe is the best puck mark remover on the market. Our
new product,  Awesome Puck and Tape Mark Remover, has proven to be an
excellent remover of puck marks from plastic, acrylic shielding and painted
surfaces. This is the same commercial strength cleaner that we use in our
dasherboard cleaning service.

Our dasherboard cleaning service is currently available to arenas within the
Eastern & Southern U.S.
Goal Frames,
Nets & Pads
Tires, Towels &
Board Brushes

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